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About Camden County Historical Society:

Founded in 1899, the Camden County Historical Society (CCHS) is a public, non-profit organization dedicated to the collection, preservation, study, interpretation, and cultural enrichment of life in Camden County and Southern New Jersey. CCHS has occupied Pomona Hall since 1924, as well as the Charles S. Boyer building, which includes the Hineline Research Library and auditorium, and the Camden County Museum. Pomona Hall recreates eighteenth century domestic life of the wealthy Cooper family. Tours of Pomona Hall relate the experiences of European, African, and Native American cultures to the residents of Camden County today. Pomona Hall provides a historical context for those relationships, touching on inequalities between different social groups while telling the story of Camden and the Cooper family. The newly renovated Camden County Museum chronicles 170 years of Camden County‚Äôs history through the histories and memories of the people of Camden County. The Camden County Museum features an original 101 year old RCA Factory Nipper Stained Glass window as well as a mural by local artist Donna Backues documenting life in Camden County since the late 1600’s.

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