Welcome to the South Jersey Film Office Cooperative website highlighting the unique assets the southern counties of New Jersey have to offer the film and television industry. Since the establishment of the Film and Digital Media Tax Credit Program, South Jersey has become a destination to produce independents films, major motion pictures and television series. South Jersey offers a vast landscape of urban areas, suburbs, rural farmland, waterways, and historical sites and settings.

Attracting a production to one of our communities is exciting news and we want our communities and the production companies to dually benefit from the film production in South Jersey. For the community, it is a unique opportunity for promotion and exposure with multiple economic impacts to the region. For the production, The New Jersey Film & Digital Media Tax Credit Program provides an incentive for credit against the corporation business tax for the production of films and digital media.

On this website, you will discover why our communities are perfect for your film production, as we invite you to come to explore the beautiful topography and unique settings South Jersey has to offer.