About Pitman:

The business section of Pitman runs along Broadway, where you can find stores lining both sides of the street. In general, Pitman is a very walkable town. There are antiques shops, restaurants, clothing stores, salons, book stores, galleries, gift shops, convenience stores and more. The Broadway Theater, built in the early 1920’s, is known for its elaborate architecture, chandeliers and old fashioned balcony and seating boxes. Events include Fourth Fridays, Pitman Craft Shows, Laurel Market, Summer Swelter Craft Beer Fest, Sweetest Night in Pitman and more.

Contact Information:

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Email | 856-589-3522

Pitman Highlights:

  • Broadway Theatre of Pitman
  • Pitman Grove Auditorium
  • Human Village Brewing Co.
  • Kelly Green Brewing Co.
  • Neck of the Woods Brewing
  • Alcyon Lake & Park
  • Uptown Pitman