Amalthea Cellars Winery

About Amalthea Cellars:

Amalthea Cellars is located in the beautifully wooded Atco of Camden County, New Jersey, just off Exit 4 on the Turnpike. The first vineyards were planted at Amalthea Cellars in 1976. Founder Louis Caracciolo’s infatuation with winemaking began as a young boy, making wine in the cellar of his Italian immigrant grandfather, Emilio. Being exposed to the charm of winemaking at an early age ignited a passion that continues to this day at Amalthea Cellars. Emilio brought the art from “The Old Country” at the age of thirteen to the Southern New Jersey town of Blue Anchor at the turn of the century. In October 2007 and June 2008, Amalthea’s wine made history in a blind taste challenge over the finest French and Napa vintages by 100 wine tasters. The event was dubbed by the famed author George M. Taber as “The Judgement of New Jersey.” Amalthea’s guests are led by a professional taster through premium dry-white, dry-red, and semi-dry wines while simultaneously moving from the 100 year old horse carriage room, to the crushing room, and down into the candlelit barrel cellar.

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