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About Autumn Lake Winery:

Autumn Lake Winery’s vineyards were established in 2012, and the small, scenic winery in Williamstown of Gloucester County, New Jersey followed close behind. Autumn Lake was born with the singular ambition of creating wines of superior quality from grapes grown on their own cultivation. The clay and gravel laced soils provide the ultimate conditions for wine grapes. Grown above the lakes where little else can flourish, the vines enjoy a view of the water, and the location provides cold weather moderation and warm weather breezes perfect for slow and steady ripening. Visitors frequently pack lunch and enjoy an afternoon overlooking the lakes and vineyards, or at a table inside the Greenhouse Lounge. Guests can also stroll the miles of walking trails and take in the natural beauty, or simply have a tasting and purchase wine. Autumn Winery is described by guests as a relaxing oasis in the pines.

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