East Greenwich

About East Greenwich:

East Greenwich is a residential farming community located in the western part of Gloucester County and includes the towns of Clarksboro, Mickleton and Mount Royal. The township includes three parks. The Hidden Acres Park is comprised of 50 acres and a stream, football and baseball field as well as picnic and barbecue facilities. Mickleton Park includes a playground, small open pavilion, two tennis courts and a small park across the street. Thompson Family Park is a 60-acre park located in Mickleton featuring trails, playgrounds, tennis courts and picnic areas. Signature events include the Holiday Craft Show, and Witches of East Greenwich Golf Tournament.

Contact Information:

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Email | 856-423-0654

East Greenwich Highlights:

  • Platt’s Farm Market
  • Mickleton Park
  • Cinder Bar
  • Death of the Fox Brewing Co.
  • Mantua Creek
  • Still Run
  • London Branch
  • Nehonsey Brook
  • Clonmell Creek
  • Cecil Creek Farm
  • Eglington Cemetery & Memorial Gardens
  • Peaslees Airstrip