About Glassboro:

Glassboro is home to Rowan University and Art Gallery, and has strong historic ties to glassmaking in South Jersey. At the Heritage Glass Museum, you can learn about these “glass roots,” and observe 200-year old glass, bottles, and animal figurines, and visit their extensive library of the unique history of glass-blowing in the region. The Edleman Planetarium offers live stargazing and immersive 360-degree video on a digital sky and is also located in Glassboro. You can find both wineries and breweries in the area, a historic train station and plenty of options to grab a bite, especially near the college. Signature events include Glassboro Craft Beer Festival, Glassboro St. Anthony’s Italian Heritage Festival, Glassboro Cruise Night Car Show and Food Truck Festival, Glassboro Community Day, Glassboro Art Festival and Boro in Lights Festival.

Contact Information:

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Glassboro Highlights:

  • Heritage Glass Museum
  • Edelman Planetarium
  • Rowan University
  • Bonesaw Brewing
  • Summit City Farms & Winery
  • Landmark Americana
  • Rowand’s Farm Market
  • Masso’s Crystal Manor
  • Town Square