Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse

About Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse:

The Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse began operation on the evening of December 31, 1880. The lighthouse is a steel skeletal structure standing 85 feet tall, with 112 steps leading from the neoclassical pavilion at the base of the tower to the lantern room. Directly below the lantern room is the watch room, which has a unique wood lined closet that curves along the circular outer wall of the tower. Along with the light tower was a keeper’s dwelling consisting of seven rooms, a brick oil house, frame barn and barnyard, cow shed, poultry house and privy situated on 4.8 acres of land. Today, only the lighthouse remains, although a few of the original bricks, which once were part of neatly laid walkways connecting the station’s buildings, may still be located around the base of the tower.

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