Westmont Theatre

About The Westmont Theatre:

The Westmont Theatre was built in 1927 by Morris Handel and A.J. Rovner, and opened shortly after that same year. The theater initially showed silent pictures, and was home to a 120 piece orchestra that played every Sunday. The theater closed during World War II, and reopened in 1949 when it was renovated into a 1,200-seat, first-run movie house. It is rumored that Steven Spielberg was inspired to become a director after seeing the Cecil B. DeMille film, The Greatest Show on Earth at the Westmont in 1952. By 1973, The Westmont was one of 30 theaters in the U.S., and the only theater in New Jersey to participate in the ‘world premiere’ of The Exorcist. The theater eventually served as a home to repertory groups until 2000. In 2017, after extreme renovation, the theatre’s doors opened once again, this time serving as a gym. The theater’s historic outside has been preserved and is still intact.

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