South Jersey is well-known for its appreciation of local art and theatrical productions, and is home to many live theaters, art galleries, studios, and so on. Together, the theaters hold dozens of popular productions from comedies, to mysteries and musicals. The art centers present locals and visitors with the opportunity to observe one-of-a-kind pieces, meet artists, and engage in classes. Notable places to experience and participate in theater and the arts in South Jersey include the Perkins Center for the Arts, ScottishRite Theater, Ritz Theatre Company, The Grand Theatre: Home of the Road Company, Eagle Theatre, Broadway Theatre of Pitman, Mainstage Center for the Arts, Salem County Arts League, Alampis Art Studio, Haddonfield Plays and Players, Pitman Gallery & Art Center, South Camden Theatre Company, Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts, and Markeim Arts Center.

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