Blue Cork Winery & Vineyard

About Blue Cork Winery & Vineyard:

Blue Cork is an Italian and Greek owned winery and vineyard located in Williamstown of Gloucester County, New Jersey. The space where Blue Cork’s vineyard stands was once vast farmland before owners Michelle and Angelo Tantaros worked for years to turn it into what it is today. In May 2014, the Tantaros planted their first vines; now, they are proudly producing a variety of natural, distinctive wines from their plantings. Having grown up in Greece on a farm and vineyard, Angelo Tantaros brings both his heritage and traditional winemaking practices he learned in his youth to Blue Cork’s wines. As a young man, he learned about winemaking, cultivation, and harvesting from his family. In addition to wine tasting, Blue Cork’s guests can enjoy live music, tractor rides through the vineyards, and experience the wine making process first hand.

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